February 26th, 2008

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Year 2: week 1

The holidays did not seem so long….but it is good to back at university and another step closer to the goal.  To start this unit of enthralling literature with a brief look at the Enlightenment era was good to be able to gauge the differing viewpoint of the Romantics.  Plus the inclusion of the revolutions of France and America give the era the edge it needed for change to occur in England.


The first lecture included part of the film Pandaemonium… it reminded me of two films the first being Amazing Grace with its reference to freedom for slaves and the political control of government to keep the status quo intact and the second being Beatrice Potter with the view that women were to marry and raise a family and not to have views of their own but with Beatrice making her own way by producing children’s books, eventually using the money from these books to buy property at auction even though this was frowned upon by some of the males present.


After reading the entries of others I felt that I needed to go deeper than a brief opinion but feel at this point in time unable to do this as the intrigue of the time very subtle such as in the film Pandaemonium, why was the door shut on Coleridge by Wordsworth? The way the government used a levy on books to control the masses.


I hopefully will begin to understand the depth and complexity of the period.  The inclusion of Blake was good because of his talent as artist and poet to state a point of view in a succinct yet deep expressive way, I find so inspiring.