March 17th, 2008

Year 2 week 4

Gogol had the ability of making his characters come alive and add depth to his work.  To have Peter Wilson talk about Gogol, St Petersburg and composers was enthralling. I have for a long time wanted to go to St. Petersburg 


I enjoyed reading Gogol’s stories because the words seemed to come alive and I could visualise the parts of the story.  For example….to be able to see the astonished look on the face of Yakovlevich as he found the nose in the bread roll or in Nevesky Prospekt when the two men followed the women and the consequences of their actions of looking at the external appearances. 


The satire of showing up the shallowness of human judgement is Gogol genius.  The Government Inspector reminded me of Monty Python’s satire can maximise simple actions or judgements in a certain light to the audience.


I enjoyed the lecture given by Peter Wilson because of the breadth of knowledge that he shared with us in so short a time.  It also increased my desire to go to St. Petersburg and visit not only the museums and cathedrals but to walk along Nevesky Prospekt.