brook_of_hope (brook_of_hope) wrote,

year 2 -- week 3

The last three weeks have introduced to me the world of romantic poetry.  I could relate to the portrayal of Coleridge from the film ‘Pandaemonium’ as he held his infant son as the fingers of frost took hold of the night.  The use of drugs to release the inner imagination from the fetters of reality opened up a world that provided escapism and gave to the world a view different from the norm.  Wordsworth poem Resolution and Independence the part that touched me was the mention of isolation and the hope it can give the individual when they meet another soul that has found peace in gathering from nature in order to make a living.  Shelley’s defence of poetry gave clarity to the world of poetry.  I read Beck_hw live journal--Poems for me are the lifeblood of sanity because the words that come from my heart bring hope to my battered spirit.  Poems keep me anchored to the reality that there is a light at the end of the tunnel (and no it is not a train).</span></span>


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