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year 2 week 6

Week 6

Dickens: hard times – the points of the tutorial

  • I liked the way Michael made the characters appear intense better than reading alone. 
  • The way it made me feel was sad and angry at the same time.
    • Sad that the children were defenceless against authority
    • Angry because of the abusive stance of authority.


  • The way that society had regressed to exclude nature and the creative from the curriculum of the time was purely driven by the needs of industry. 

To read Stuart Mill and how Wordsworth poems were able to restore the creative which balanced out life of the time. I was thinking about the Victorianism and its impact on the people and the land so I decided to write the entry below in the form of  a letter to the editor.


Dear editor

I write to be a voice for those that have no voice or have trouble being heard over the din of machinery.

I care deeply for the land and for the people who are toiling under the weight of industry.  These working class people and the land can not last under this heavy abuse and will fail in the future if provisions are not included to provide better facilities and conditions for the workers and a better way of disposing of waste from the factories.  I visited the river the other day and found that there were dead fish being washed ashore.  Walking further up to the source found that the river had raw waste coming from the factory pouring straight into the river.

I implore the factory owners to find alternative ways of disposing of the waste.  So the future of this land will not be marred by the greed of the few.

A concerned citizen



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