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week 9

this week we looked at master and man -- i really enjoyed this short story as it allowed the thoughts of the two men to be shown through their actions. -- i hope to write a few poems to illustrate this and hopefully will be posted later today.

Last straw



Three times I have been prevented by

this snow storm in reaching my objective.

I have the deposit safe within my pocket

And can visualise receiving the title deeds.

But the horse has stumbled in the thick snow and

Now we are stranded in the middle of nowhere…

if I had  realised this I could have stayed back in town…

Oh well….make the best of the situation…

I told Nakita that it is not proper

to share the same space – in order to keep warm.

He is simple minded  and has settled

down at the side of the carriage.

If only I could settle…. It is so cold

My fur coats only look good to wear

But not adequate in preventing the wind

in this infernal freezer from

piercing my bones..

I will take the horse....

should be recovered by now…

I will be in control – after all I am the master….



I am so grateful to Nikita for covering me

this wind is so fierce

the snow carried by the wind

so stung my eyes so I could not see where to tread…


I stumbled into this ditch…..

then I felt Nikita lovingly guiding me

removing the carriage

and reins from around my neck

his gentle voice reassures me…offering

me food – when he had none for himself…

all the time the master sat and watched….

I was startled awake a short time later

…. It was the master attempting to climb on my back

Oh no… I hardly have any strength left…the snow is getting so deep

I can hardly walk through it…if I stumble

then I can get the master off my back…

there I did it ….now I have to guide him back to Nakita…

so we all can be together ….



I tended to the horse making sure to reassure

by the tenderness of my voice that I was pleased with it’s


using the guiding poles upturned so that in the

 morning the towns folk will see it

and dig us out….

turning back to the carriage found the master trying to settle….

I found a spot next to the carriage and

 Brushing away the snow made myself

as comfortable as possible at the side of the carriage.

Shaken awake by the master

Trying to escape the cold
 …by taking the horse…

The cold is so penetrating

Maybe if I get into the carriage it will be warmer….

If only the master had left the horse blanket…then

I would be able to huddle up and keep warm….

Slipping in and out of consciousness I see my heavenly master

Knocking on the door of my heart

To cross over would be so good…

No more cold…just eternal bliss…



The horse stumbled

But I managed to get clear..

I am left to follow the tracks of the horse and

It led me back to the carriage

There is no escaping the destiny

But wait – I hear the heavenly master

He has shown how futile my actions have been

And that life is sharing with others

Not abusing them….

I have a second chance to do something fruitful with

My life…..

Yes I can share what I have with Nakita…

And together we live on

For I now realise that all people are one in the

Sight of God – God does not play favorites…

I will undo my coat and encase Nikita and myself

-- together we will succeed

Having placed myself on top of Nikita

Fell in a dream state….



The master guided back by the horse

Undid his garments and laid on top of me

He was so warm..a blessed relief

from the piercing sting of the wind…

drifting in and out of consciousness…..

The town folk found the guiding poles

And dug us out…

The master saved my life by giving his own….






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